Your good brow days start now

By: Wendy Hoang (Brow Confidence recipient since 2016, admirer and friend of Lien’s, this photo shoot’s bossy pants)

About a month ago, on a sunny Saturday morning, a bunch of ladies with the best brows you ever did see assembled at a studio in Sydney’s inner west for Brow Confidence’s first ever brow campaign, Good Brow Days.

The website needed some new pictures, and Lien’s work deserved to be documented. Pinterest has enough brow inspo to drain your phone battery a few times, but the problem is that none of those images belong to Brow Confidence so in the name of original content and immortalising the great woman’s work, BC campaign was born and here’s hoping we make a habit of it!

“I wanted these pictures celebrate confidence through self-care. Yes, my business is brows but I didn’t want to lose sight of the women wearing them. The clients (now my friends) in these pictures have been with me for 1-5 years and I have taught them everything I know about their Ultimate Brow Shape and more. They take pride in their brows and know all the tips, and that is what gives them confidence,” says Lien.

The whole project took two months of on-off planning, 8 hours of site visits, 3 glasses of wine, and only two years of convincing…Lien’s low-key like that, bless her. Special thanks to our photographer, Chantell Brown, who caught a 5am flight from Brisbane to shoot for us!

I was also lucky enough to meet Lien’s long-time clients and friends who fronted the campaign this time around: Laura, who devotedly texted Lien 4 times and emailed her 7 to secure one of the first Brow Confidence appointments in Melbourne 4.5 year ago; Morgan, who I wager is Lien’s best pupil and whose dramatic brow transformation I still can’t take my eyes off; Tamara, who’s been with Lien for 1.5 years but whose brows look like they’ve already made a full recovery; Annie, who has better hair than Gisele Bündchen, but still her brows are better; and Jess and Hannah who trump us all, having been by Lien’s side for over 5 years!

We’re pretty chuffed with the result and the new look website. We hope you like it too! Keep following @BrowConfidence on instagram for all the pictures from the campaign – but in the meantime, here are some of our favourites! 🙂

If the slider below doesn’t show up, hang around, wait a sec, watch a youtube video, it should show up in 3, 2,….1…0…and…


Photographer: Chantell Brown
Makeup & Brows: Lien Davies
Desk & Studio
BC Women: Tamara Bruchet, Annie Edwards, Laura Cameron, Jess Stone, Hannah Stone, Morgan Tait.