Ultimate Brow Shape

So you’ve spent your ‘hard earned cash’ with beauticians and recommended brow experts - yet the results have been disappointing. Your brows failed to ‘wow’ your face, and your confidence suffered. Have you ever questioned your options? If you really think about it…Why would you choose ‘waxing’ when it’s the enemy of precision and the culprit for most brow disasters? Or, why would you trust someone who doesn’t share the same brow style and beauty aesthetics as you?
Right now, what you need is a different experience, and it goes something like this... When you enquire, don’t be surprised if I request a casual brow chat with you. Sure, it’s not the norm, but I think it’s an awesome way for us to connect and address your expectations. I’ll explain where your brows are at (Yes! I will need your selfie) and share my plan to fix your specific concerns and problems. During your first appointment, I’ll show you how I apply my shaping system to personalise your Ultimate Brow Shape - factoring in your existing brows, facial features and beauty style. .
My obsession with precision and symmetry means I’ll meticulously tweeze your brows into shape. No imperfections are too challenging to mask when you have the right combination of clever styling tips and brow-enhancing products. So imagine this … in just 30 minutes, you’ll walk out of my studio with an aura of confidence and subtle sophistication. Your brow transformation is just the beginning. CURIOUS TO KNOW WHAT YOUR ULTIMATE BROW SHAPE CAN DO FOR YOU? CALL ME TO FIND OUT!

30 mins $70

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