Hi there! Welcome to Brow Confidence.

My name is Lien Davies. I’m a Sydney-based mum of two and brow artist with a passion for helping women look their best. I believe nothing enhances your beauty, boosts your confidence and conveys your personality quite like the Ultimate Brow Shape. Over a decade of experience and countless hours spent with my clients has proven this to be true.

About ten years ago, a girly chat over a lunch changed my life. My friend encouraged me to pursue brow shaping because she believed I had an ‘eye’ for it, and my style was unique – I believed her. And the rest is history.  

There are many aspects of my work I love: artistry, problem-solving, sharing my knowledge and connecting with women. But, I’m particularly fascinated with the transformative power of beautiful brows; I love how they positively affect us emotionally and aesthetically. However, the reality for most women is different to the experiences of my clients.

For this reason, Brow Confidence was created as an antidote to women’s disappointments and problematic brows. My goal is to provide simple and useful brow solutions – it can range from a few tweaks to a complete overhaul.

Brow Confidence is my definition of beauty empowerment and I want to spread this message.

So whether you’re seeking expert help, a private lesson or a friendly chat after a brow mishap – I’m here to help you.

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