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Name: Roz Kelly
Age: 32
Occupation: Journalist & mama.

Tell us about your first brow experience?

I was a 20 year old with over plucked, over waxed, terribly uneven brows when I first met Lien over a decade ago. Way back then she was operating from her apartment in Bondi and didn’t even have kids! It was a fateful meeting and I credit her with transforming my face through her tough brow love. Her honesty and passion is refreshing.

What is your current brow routine?

Incredibly low maintenance! And they’ve never looked better! I pluck the odd stray, give them a brush and see Lien every few months whenever I’m home in Australia. My grooming sessions with her are like a brow empowerment pep talk and I always walk away feeling confident in my ability to do my own brows.

What does “Brow Confidence” mean to you?

Looking at everyone else’s brows and wanting to give them some Lien wisdom. Maybe that’s more brow arrogance?

Describe your brows in 3 words –

Recovered wax victims.

Roz Kelly Brow Confidence

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