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Name: Jess
Age: 31
Occupation: TV Coordinator

Tell us about your first brow experience?

I have always had bushy, unruly brows, but I remember getting them waxed when I was about 12 or 13 – I wanted to make them thin and neat like everyone else’s. But thin brows just don’t suit my face and I ended up looking worse than when I came in!

“I remember getting [my brows] waxed when I was 12 or 13…”

What is your current brow routine?

I see Lien every six weeks or so, and my brows have never looked better! In between visits, I don’t really have to do much, but if I’m going out somewhere I might use some brow pencil to fill in any gaps and some brow gel to keep them in place.

What does “Brow Confidence” mean to you?

These days – thanks to Lien – I feel like my brows really suit my face and I don’t need to wear as much makeup as a result – that’s brow confidence to me.

Describe your brows –

Full, natural, groomed.



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