Brow Confidence is all about building a community of women that want a better future for their brows – and go to Lien Davies for it!

This month, say hi to Carly.


Name: Carly
Age: 33
Occupation: Sales

Tell us about your first brow experience?

“When I was in high school all my friends were starting to tweeze their brows so I did too – I used a magnifying mirror and plucked the life out of them. They were sooooo thin and too harsh for my face. I eventually grew them out and mum took me to her beautician to have them waxed. They were shaped with such a high arch… I didn’t know there could be another way!”




What is your current brow routine?

“I visit Lien every 6-8 weeks for shaping and I rarely touch by brows with tweezers between visits. If anything I give them a small trim to keep them tidy. My brows are fair and even though my hair has grown in I still need to fill in small gaps. For work days I tend to put more effort in as I can often go from day to night with work functions. For weekends I keep it very low key with a bit of brow mascara. I mostly use Maybelline products: Brow Drama Sculpting Brow MascaraEyestudio Micro Brow Precise Auto; and Brow Precise Perfecting Highlighter.”


What does “Brow Confidence” mean to you?

“Brow Confidence’ means self-confidence! Since visiting Lien I wear less makeup and rarely use eyeliner. I allow my brows to shape and frame my face.”

Describe your brows in three words –

“Full, natural and neat.”

How did you find out about Lien?

“Through Zoë Foster Blake’s blog and book. My sister and I are obsessed with Zoë. We love her smart and witty sense of humour and would spend hours watching her online make-up tutorials.”



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