Brow Confidence is all about building a community of women that want a better future for their brows – and go to Lien Davies for it!

This month, say hi to Zoë.


Name: Zoë
Age: 38
Occupation: Founder of Go-To skincare, author.

Tell us about your first brow experience?

“I did it myself at 12. I noticed the cooler, older girls at school were all plucking their eyebrows (why, how, in what shape and for what reason; I didn’t ask or care), so I took the family splinter tweezers and plucked wildly at my lovely, straight, full brows until they were two thin, arched tadpoles. It is one of my biggest vanity regrets, along with laser on my face.”

What is your current brow routine?

“I’ve been seeing Lien for over 10 years, she resuscitated my very over-waxed, very thin 2000s brows, and got them thick and full again. And thank F for that. As I live in Melbourne, I only see her every seven or so weeks, and do very, very basic plucking between those sessions. She has them in good enough shape now that as long as I fill them in, and groom them each day, they’re totally fine.”

What does “Brow Confidence” mean to you?

“Having brows that are full, thick and the right shape for my face. Having brows that make my face look youthful and fresh. When my brows are on their game, (freshly shaped and tinted) I can wear less makeup, and feel more… put together. If they’ve grown out, or I’ve used too much powder/gel/ or the shape is off, I have to re-do them until they’re right.”


How did you find out about Lien?

“Lien did my makeup on a shoot in 2007, and in her gloriously honest way, offered to ‘fix’ my brows. And so began a decade-plus friendship and some truly exceptional brows.”

Biggest lesson you’ve taken away during your time with Lien/Brow Confidence?

“NO TATTOOING. I occasionally express a desire to get some of my annoying gaps permanently filled-in, and Lien always talks me out of out, and I am always grateful.”

Describe your brows in three words –

“Much, better, now.”



Images via @Zotheysay.

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