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Name: Laura Cameron
Age: 25
Occupation: Publicist at Network 10

Tell us, what was your first brow experience?

I look back at my school photos and scream, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!”. I don’t have naturally full brows, so they were just an uneven, holey mess.

Fast forward a few years and I think I had tried every brow place in Melbourne. Trying to create shape on my flat, half-dead brows (let’s be honest, they were completely dead) meant basically balding me. IT WAS A DIRE SITUATION.

“My brows had been over-waxed, over-plucked, over-threaded, you name it.”

And then I met the sweet angel that is Lien. Actually no, I saw her post on Instagram that she was planning a trip to Melbourne and I stalked her (in a friendly, but very pushy way) until she gave me an appointment. She told me very seriously that fixing my brows would take time (like, A LOT of time) and that I needed to be patient. Very. Patient.

I nodded earnestly and followed her instructions like a disciple. Lien recently told me that when we first met (many, many years ago) she wasn’t even sure she could fix me. Ha! But, she did. Because she is a magical brow whisperer.

To begin with, Lien put in a lot of time explaining how to fill in my brows – there was a ruler and measurements involved, which sounds crazy but it works.

“Because my brows were uneven, the reshaping couldn’t really begin until they had grown out properly.”

Lien’s process is all about enhancing and showing off one’s natural brow shape. Every face is different, and one shape absolutely does not work for everybody. I learnt this from years of trying and crying. (How awful is that feeling when you walk out from having your brows done and they look so awful and you’re basically like, “MY LIFE AND FACE ARE OVER!”.)

After my brows had recovered from their PTSD, Lien tweaked them to perfection and gave me brows that finally suit the shape of my face, are incredibly low maintenance and easy to fill in.

What is your current brow routine?

After washing my face in the morning, I give them a quick brush with a dry mascara wand. I then use a thin, flat art brush (from Eckersley’s) to fill in the gaps with a Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in “Smoke”. I set them with a clear brow gel from M.A.C Cosmetics and wa-la! I’m on my way.

What does “Brow Confidence” mean to you?

Having brows that suit your face, make you happy when you look in the mirror, and are their best shape possible.

Describe your brows in 3 words –

Natural, even, low-maintenance.



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