Brow Confidence is all about building a community of women that want a better future for their brows (and go to Lien Davies for it!). In this new series of journal posts every month, get to know other Brow Confident women better as they share their unique brow experiences, routines and tips.


Name: Alice Treloar
Age: 30
Occupation: TV Producer

Tell us, what was your first brow experience?

I was pretty young when my older sister told me I had “John Howard” eyebrows and should probably do something about it. Thankfully I embraced the au naturale look – now, bigger is definitely better for brows – but I did need some hand-holding along the way. My first experience with Lien was a total game changer. Her method was precise, almost mathematical, using a ruler to measure face proportions. Her changes were subtle – shifting the arch point for a better shape, plucking strays to tidy but it had an immediate impact. The best bit? She armed me with the knowledge to DIY at home. Every appointment since is a valued beauty tutorial.

What is your current brow routine?

I try to keep things simple. 1) Skip washing my face because I’m inherently lazy. 2)  Fill in any gaps using Bobbi Brown Smoke Eye Shadow and a flat-tip paint brush. 3) Make sure strands are behaving (read: sticking up, not sideways) with Maybelline Light Brown Brow Mascara. Two coats, always.

What does “Brow Confidence” mean to you?

Sure, confidence comes from within and so on and so forth, but if we’re being honest, it also comes from looking good. We all want to put our best face forward.

“Well-manicured brows definitely put a little swagger in my step. Also, they take the focus away from my legs which I’ve probably neglected to shave.”

Describe your brows in 3 words –

My best feature (if pencil-thin eyebrows come back in vogue, I’m in trouble).



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