Brow Confidence is all about building a community of women that want a better future for their brows (and go to Lien Davies for it!). In this new series of journal posts every month, get to know other Brow Confident women better as they share their unique brow experiences, routines and tips.


Name: Lien Davies
Age: Almost 42!
Occupation: Brow Stylist/Designer

Tell us, what was your first brow experience?

I can’t exactly remember when it was, but based on #flashback pictures I guess it happened when I was 18 years old. Like most girls, I just started tweezing – and next thing I knew I had thin, uneven, rounded brows for many years.

“[The first time I tweezed] there was no major dislike of my brows, I just wanted to tidy them up. I’m a bit of a neat freak.”

What is your current brow routine?

When it comes to my beauty ritual, styling my brows is my number one priority. This two-minute relaxing practice (haha, I’m sure you won’t agree) is my confidence booster.

Depending on my mood, my brows can look naturally undone, or darker and fuller.

For NATURAL BROWS, I alternate between powders (Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in ‘Smoke’ or Inglot Brow Powder in #565 or #567 – cool tones) to slightly correct my brows then top with a few coats of a tinted brow mascara (Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara in ‘Dark Brown’ and Glossier Boy Brow in ‘Black’).

For STATEMENT BROWS, which only come out to play once in a while, I use multiple products in this specific layering order to help them last the distance:

1. Gel
2. Powder
3. Tinted brow mascara
4. Outline my brows in concealer (Maybelline Brow Precise Highlighter in Medium)

What does “Brow Confidence” mean to you?

Brow Confidence is my definition of beauty empowerment. When my brows are done and my features are subtly highlighted, I look my best (almost) natural self.

“I called my business Brow Confidence because that’s my aspiration for everyone. For over a decade I’ve been doing brows and heard countless stories from women who feel they have no control over their brows and how their brows make them feel less confident, so it’s about flipping that on its head.”

Describe your brows in 3 words –

Natural, balanced, fuss-free.




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