How I Corrected My Brows From The Other Side of the World

Stylist and brand consultant, Camilla messaged Lien just over a year ago for help with her brows. Only problem is… she’s based in London. Luckily, thanks to Whatsapp, several makeshift diagrams and Lien’s ongoing counsel, Camilla was able to achieve her Ultimate Brow Shape all the way in the UK! Here’s her story –

“Hi, I’m Camilla! I was studying at a university in Melbourne over a decade ago and started to follow quite a few Instagram accounts for the Aussie style inspiration. Honestly, Melbournites and Sydneysiders have the best taste. This is how I first discovered Lien – through stylish social media osmosis!

After following @BrowConfidence for a few years, I’d sussed out that Lien was the ultimate ‘go-to’ brow guru and loved her natural aesthetic; she really seemed to understand face shapes and brows of all ethnicities.

Sadly, since she’s based in sunny Sydney and I’m in old, grey Blighty (London), having the chance to visit her seemed like a pipe dream. In London (and England), the eyebrow scene has become quite aggressive with thick, painted and micro-bladed brows or tadpole threaded.

I’m half-Danish, half-Persian and I over-plucked my brows at school as part of that 90s trend (oh the regret!) and while I’ve never waxed them, I went through a phase of having them threaded over the years and they gradually lost their natural thickness.



“Unfortunately in 2017, I had thyroid cancer and since then I noticed that my brows were rapidly thinning at the ends. I tried to grow them out but did not feel confident about their shape. A year ago my brows had lost the plot and in a moment of madness, I went for a brow threading session and the lady at the brow bar butchered them, hacking off the top and underneath until I was left with two crazy arches.”

I was immediately filled with regret and nearly didn’t leave the house after that! I was waiting for them to grow back and was in quite a low place after cancer. But it was around this time a friend kindly gifted me a rose quartz crystal.

One night I decided I had nothing to lose by DM’ing Lien to ask if she could help me from afar to regain my natural shape. I slept with that rose quartz under my pillow and woke up at 5am to a message from Lien saying hello and asking me to send her a current selfie. After a few minutes we were on WhatsApp and then a call to discuss how to get my brows back.

After that initial consultation over the phone I felt confident we could work together to correct the shape of my brows. Lien was so easy to talk, she a great energy and is obviously passionate about her practice.

“I was worried that not being able to physically see each other would impact the shaping process but Lien was super confident that my brows could be their very best in a few months.”

The first thing she told me was that I really needed to relax my brows in photographs and practice not raising them. This was actually quite tough after a lifetime of bad habits. I also had to get very comfortable with the idea of sending selfies so she could assess my brow shape and give me my Ultimate Brow Shape measurements.



Once Lien had worked her magic with the measurements she could easily describe what we needed to do: fill my brows out and soften the over-arched look.

Whilst I’m pretty plucky with a tweezer, I was admittedly nervous to amend my own shape. But, Lien was encouraging and would send diagrams with lines across my brows that showed exactly where I needed to pluck. The beauty of her diagrams was that it was only ever a few hairs at a time. Eventually, I even came to grips with trimming the ends!

Over the summer I pinged her photos on WhatsApp with questions and she’d send me back diagrams and directions, creating change bit by bit to get my perfect shape. I think it helps that I’m a visual person. I imagine if you’re not used to tending to your own brows it could be a little overwhelming.

Since correcting my brows I’ve received a lot of compliments, mainly that I look youthful and well. I even got a “your brows are perfect”. But, the real test was at my engagement party when a friend told me that I had gorgeously thick brows like Sophia Loren. Now that’s a compliment I’ll take!

Lien came into my life at a point when I was low in confidence – not just with my brows. I only recently told her about the incident with the rose quartz under my pillow because I do believe she came into my life to help me at that very moment. She’s taught me how to love my natural brows and to steer clear of threading, which in hindsight was costing me a small fortune alongside new brow products.

Now I have the skills and the eye to maintain my own brows – saving me not just money, but teaching me to care and shape for them for the rest of my life.”




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